Fitness Professional and Power Lifting Specialist 

Despite just graduating, Hakim has already clocked 2 years of experience in the fitness industry since 2016, specializing in strength and conditioning training. Here’s his story – “The choice to embark into the fitness industry started because of my father. I was introduced to fitness training at the young age of 15 when my father invited me to join him for a workout session at our home gym. From a simple weekly bonding session with my father, it transformed into a strong passion which I decided to pursue further. I was especially keen to learn everything about how the human body works and how can people get stronger and bigger. It was love at first sight for me when I was introduced to Powerlifting where the sheer strength of the athletes and capability of what the human body can achieve blew me away. Ever since, I have been competing in Powerlifting competitively. I hope to convey the knowledge on strength & conditioning as well as muscle hypertrophy that I know from powerlifting to my clients. Apart from that, I also believe that fitness can empower an individual with important values such as positivity, determination and dedication. I hope to provide clients with the highest level of training so as to cultivate a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.”


  • Powerlifting Training
  • Strength and Conditioning


  • Diploma in Health Management and Promotion
  • M2T Blade IASTM Myofascial Release Level 1 & 2
  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy Ultimate 6
  • CPR + AED Certified

Powerlifting competition

  • SPO 2014 Men’s Junior U74KG – 4th Place
  • Push Pull Meet U74Kg – 1st Place
  • SPA 2015 Men`s Open U75KG – 3rd Place
  • SPA 2015 Men`s Junior U75KG – 2nd Place
  • SPI 2015 Men`s Junior U74kg – 5th Place
  • SPA 2016 Men`s Open U75KG – 2nd Place
  • SPA 2016 Men`s Junior U75KG – 1st Place
  • SPA 2017 Men`s Open U75KG – 1st Place
  • SPA 2017 Men`s Junior U75KG – 1st Place
  • SPA 2018 Men`s Open U82.5KG – 1st Place


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