Train the Trainers Courses

As Singapore’s leading health and fitness education centre, Aileron Wellness Academy organises regular Train-the-trainer courses for both new and veteran trainers. We are also authorised to certify new fitness trainers locally and regionally.

The courses we hold, which are mostly globally-recognised certifications, include but are not limited to:

Aileron Wellness Academy – Performance Mentorship

CEU Credits (AFAA – 15.0; NASM – 1.9; ACE – 2.2)
Certificate of Completion- Yes

• What does it entail?
– An evidence-based methodology of various training
protocols for performance

• Who is it for?
– Any trainers who wants to improve their scientific knowledge and be constantly updated
– Upcoming/Current fitness professionals

• Why should I sign up?
– Being updated in the realm of training means that the
trainers have to stay relevant in the fast changing world of fitness

• Support system, “AWA Edge”
– All participants will be part of the Aileron Wellness Academy where constant updates of scientific studies are published
– Being AWA certified means being part of the AWA
– Access to wide network of knowledge-driven and
progressive fitness professionals and partners
– In- depth training in the area of sports science and personal training methodology
– Continuing education opportunities

Topics to be covered under the Mentorship
• Balance Training
• Strength Training
• Power Training
• Speed, Agility and Quickness • Nutrition
• Programming
• Basic Exercise Physiology • Assessment

Sufian has been passionate about sports since a very young age and this piques his interest in growing his profession in the health and fitness industry as he grows older. This inspired him to pursue his degree in human performance from University of Western Australia. His learning does not stop there however, as he continues to pursue courses worldwide and eventually became a Master Trainer in Triggerpoint Therapy, giving him the chance to educate other trainers as well as the general population on moving well and feeling good. With so many personal trainers in the industry, what sets him apart is the ability to understand the human body better from a movement and physiology perspective.

•Functional Training
•Weight Management
•Strength and Conditioning
•Corrective Exercise

•Human Motion Associates Mentorship
•Master Trainer Triggerpoint Therapy
•NASM International Certified Personal Trainer
•Trigger Point Performance Therapy Ultimate 6
•Stott Pilates Certified
•Aerial Yoga (YogaFly) Certified
•Power Plate Level 1: Heath & Fitness
•Muay Thai Level 2
•Stroops Functional Performance
•BSc in Psychology and Human Performance
•SG Coaching Excellence Level 1
Basic Sports Science Cert (Sports SG)


BodyReading® Master Class with Tom Myers

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Presented by Tom Myers                                 March 20 – 21 2018

“The art of seeing into someone is an old and intuitive one,” states Tom Myers, author of BodyReading: Visual Assessment and the Anatomy Trains. This Master Class offers an effective tool to map soft tissue patterns seen in bends, tilts, shifts, and rotations, and once the assessment is completed, how to create a strategy to shape the change either through manual therapy or movement. This workshop covers:

  • How the meridians can hold a postural pattern and be influenced by skeletal alignment
  • Tensegrity
  • Concentric and eccentric loading and the forces that shape our body
  • Basic functional assessments to see what is moving, what isn’t and what may be moving too much!
  • How a local restriction can have a global impact
  • How to document your findings

Resilience: Taking the Strain & Coming back Stronger

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Presented by Tom Myers                                                   March 22 – 23 2018

No one lives a stress-free life.  The question is: how to handle it in a health enhancing manner, rather than having it slowly break down your resilience.  Resilience is a state of the body that reflects into your state of mind.  New understandings of how the whole systems act and interact, gives people new methods of self-regulation and energy management. This course is designed to build your own resilience, and help you recognize the signs of distress and growing resilience in your students, patients, or clients.

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Trigger Point Performance Therapy

Learn to unlock your body’s performance and free yourself from pain with the latest self care system around – TPPT U6! No longer do you have to rely on massage therapists to ease muscle adhesion and trigger points. With MCT (Myofascial Compression Technique) from TPPT U6 system, you can now bring self myofascial release to the next level.

This course is suitable for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, coaches and fitness professionals.

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Power Plate

Power Plate is an acceleration training tool that can be used on its own or integrated with different functional tools like ViPR, Freeform Board, or even TriggerPoint Performance Therapy to derive optimum performance. Power Plate simultaneously stimulates the mechano-receptors in the body, increases blood flow, increases activation for all muscle fiber types and increases action potentiation and many more.

Learn the science behind this powerful machine in the Power Plate certification course.