Train the Trainers Courses

As Singapore’s leading health and fitness education centre, Aileron Wellness organises regular Train-the-trainer courses for both new and veteran trainers. We are also authorised to certify new fitness trainers locally and regionally.

The courses we hold, which are mostly globally-recognised certifications, include but are not limited to:

Brain-Move Cephalic Reset Phase Course

Join this cutting-edge course to take your integrated movement knowledge to the next level.
For Movement Therapists; Yoga/Pilates Teacher and Practititioners; Performance Coaches and PT’s.
“Stephen and his amazing knowledge opened my eyes to not only a completely new way to help others, but also to change my own life. The exercises offered are so simple yet so effective at eliciting change in the mind & body. It’s such a liberating thing when you can attend a course like this and walk away with the confidence to truly have an impact on the lives of others.” 
– Dr. Ryan Foley, PT, DPT

Trigger Point Performance Therapy

Learn to unlock your body’s performance and free yourself from pain with the latest self care system around – TPPT U6! No longer do you have to rely on massage therapists to ease muscle adhesion and trigger points. With MCT (Myofascial Compression Technique) from TPPT U6 system, you can now bring self myofascial release to the next level.

This course is suitable for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, coaches and fitness professionals.

Click here to see our 2017 Course Schedule and email to Register now!

Power Plate

Power Plate is an acceleration training tool that can be used on its own or integrated with different functional tools like ViPR, Freeform Board, or even TriggerPoint Performance Therapy to derive optimum performance. Power Plate simultaneously stimulates the mechano-receptors in the body, increases blood flow, increases activation for all muscle fiber types and increases action potentiation and many more.

Learn the science behind this powerful machine in the Power Plate certification course.