Our Group Fitness Classes are not only fun and effective, they are also great complementary sessions to our Personal Trainings.
A range of Fitness Classes is offered by Aileron Wellness on our "Playground", a 2,500-sq ft space covered with 10-mm synthetic turf from the USA. Classes include Hatha Yoga, Energy Flow Yoga, Pilates, Fight Club and AWE Bootcamp.
Being group sessions, they are best done with family members, friends or colleagues! Download our Group Fitness Class schedule here.
Foundation Yoga
An introduction to the basics of yoga poses and their alignment, as well as proper breathing techniques. This class is most suitable for beginners and, being an interactive class, students are highly-encouraged to ask questions.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.
Hatha Yoga (Level 1)
Hatha yoga is the most traditional form of yoga, with a history spanning more than 5,000 years of history. Hatha Yoga involves the practice of static poses, holding each stance for an extended period of time while focusing on the breath. Proper alignment and balance is encouraged, restoring calmness in the body.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.
Hatha Yoga (Level 2)
Similar to Hatha Yoga (Level 1), Hatha Yoga (Level 2) introduces more challenging poses such as arm balances and inversions while staying true to the characteristics of Hatha Yoga – the holding of poses. Meditation and breathing techniques will be practised as well.
For experienced practitioners.
Vinyasa Yoga
A series of yoga poses created into a dynamic flow of movement that is synchronized with your breath. Vinyasa Yoga not only aims to strengthen and tone your muscle, it also challenges you to maintain a steady and rhythmic breathing pattern at all times.
For experienced practitioners.
Sweat Max Yoga
Challenge your limits in Sweat Max Yoga! In this class, be prepared to sweat and send your the heart pumping in this energetic class. Throughout, you will undergo powerful, fast-paced dynamic movement, some times involving arm balances too.
For experienced practitioners.
Rejuvenation Yoga
It has been a long week and you need a class hovering between easy and challenging to wind down your week and at the same time, kickstart your weekend. Rejuvenation Yoga focuses on common issues caused by your desk-bound job.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.
Yoga For Relaxation
A deeply relaxing class that aims to restore your body and mind. If you’ve had a long day at work and would like to have a gentle practice, this class is for you.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.
This class introduces you to yogic breathing techniques and concentration exercises, aiming to bring to you calm and peace. During the class, you can enjoy healing music and the great benefits of chanting.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.
This physical fitness system was developed with the aim of conditioning the body for strength, endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips and back. Pilates emphasises on spinal and pelvic alignment, developing core strength and improving coordination and balance. Constant practise of Pilates helps one to become stronger, leaner and perform daily activities with grace and ease.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.
AWE Bootcamp
Fun and engaging, this Bootcamp is a great idea for people looking to work out with friends, family, or even to meet new people with common fitness goals. In this session, which involves both cardiovascular- and strength-training, expect exciting programmes and the use of functional tools to fire up your energy levels and adrenaline.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.
Fight Club
An interactive workout that is inspired by Kickboxing and Muay Thai, it involves pad work and a string of fast-paced, high intensity interval training that promises to work every possible muscle group in the human body. Using a variety of different training tools that will challenge you both mentally and physically, this workout will bring your neuromuscular efficiency to the next level. Aileron Wellness’ Fight Club is different from usual aerobic kickboxing classes; under the instruction of our IKF and THUMP certified instructors, you will learn how to properly execute jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks in a whole new manner.
For beginners and experienced practitioners.