Our Winning Factors

Since our establishment in idyllic Sentosa in 2010, we have seen many loyal clients who have chosen to be with us, thanks to unique experience that Aileron Wellness delivers, unmatched by any other gyms in Singapore.

Once you embark on a remarkable wellness journey with us, as we say, FITNESS TAKES FLIGHT!

1. Proficient Trainers

A Master Trainer is the highest accolade given to a trainer in the health and fitness sphere, and leading our training team are Master Trainers Keith Tan and Poh Ying Bin, who has travelled around the world not only to learn from the best but also to accredit other trainers-to-be.

With a proficient understanding of the human anatomy and system, which is possibly the most complex in the world, our highly-educated trainers, who are carefully selected to join the Aileron Wellness team, are committed to understanding your fitness goals as well as health and physical conditions before prescribing the most suitable training programme.

Our trainers believe in keeping abreast of developments in the health and fitness industry – be it in exercises, motion, food and nutrition or other related fields. To this end, weekly discussions are held amongst the training team to ensure that they pool their knowledge and help one another to widen their perspectives and deepen their understanding of wellness.

2. Effective Programmes

Training programmes that yield results are possible only with a deep understanding of the human body, a competency which our trainers possess.

Since the establishment of Aileron Wellness, we have seen more than 500 success stories in our clients – not only in weigh management but also in rehabilitation, improving sports performance and embarking on a sustainable lifestyle.

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3. Good Facility and Wide Range of Equipment

Aileron Wellness prides itself for having an unconventional space called “The Playgound” where our clients can run unreservedly to boost their adrenaline, relieving them of stress and tension while reinstating energy and happiness. Our state-of-the-art equipment such as the Power Plate and Half Rack are some of the other draws of our classy gym.

Unlike many gyms, Aileron Wellness creates a non-intimidating setup, which is a welcoming factor for many of our clients from children as young as 6 years old to the elderly and rehabilitating individuals.

4. Fun Workouts …or rather, “Play-outs”

Accessible to people of different physical levels.

5. Natural Environment

Spanning 5,000 square feet and set amidst a lush surrounding where clients can get in tune with nature once again, Aileron Wellness is a sanctuary for rejuvenating the body and mind.

By bringing our clients out of stress zones, away from the concrete jungle, we have helped them take a great leap towards a better quality of life. Coupled with our training programmes and experts’ advice, there’s little wonder many have found this space a perfect one to heal within.

6. Friendly People

As wellness is a life-long journey, the team at Aileron Wellness chooses to forge a long-term friendship with our clients. Once you’re a part of us, our interaction with you goes beyond regular training sessions. Our trainers will also be more than happy to go for run or have a friendly basketball game with you.

These bonds we’ve established with one another make working out and staying fit much more fun and motivating.

7. Non-pushy

We do not believe in coercing people to start a wellness regime because to see success, it must start from within your heart.

The team is always ready to share and guide, but you have to take the first step.

8. Comfortable Interior

The unintimidating set up and lounge-like atmosphere puts our clients at ease, giving them space to unwind and rejuvenate. The lemongrass-scented air not only eases one’s mood, it is also touted to relieve pain, relax nerves and serves as an antiseptic.

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