Our Story

Aileron Wellness is Singapore’s first knowledge-driven boutique gym with a state-of-the-art training facility and certified trainers to help individuals break new grounds, a prime ground for health and fitness education, and a sanctuary for self-discovery and empowerment.

Aileron Wellness stays at the forefront of the health and fitness sphere with unconventional methods and concepts of training developed with leading educators from around the world, ensuring effective and long-lasting results. Guided by the belief that wellness goes beyond skin-deep, Aileron Wellness brings to its clients an all-encompassing suite of knowledge to balance the body, mind and soul. The result is an elevated sense of well-being.

Our Philosophy

We are guided by the belief that the foundation of our success lies in having professional ethics and attitude towards learning and education in all our trainers. With humility, we learn, and with open hearts, we spread our knowledge to our valued clients and associates. When we continue to strive hard, we help ourselves and all around us live well, and we shall succeed, emerging as the best in the industry.

Aileron Wellness believes that health, fitness and wellness are for everyone and debunks the perception that boutique gyms are only for the fit and fabulous, and that going to the gym is about looking good. Here, we believe that aesthetics are a by-product of feeling and living well. You can understand this conviction only if you are here with us to ride the Aileron Wellness experience.


To be Singapore’s most trusted gym and the top-of-mind place to be for personal and group training. With dedicated and knowledgeable trainers, as well as a conducive training environment, Aileron Wellness strives to create a community that brings together trainers and clients looking for serious fun and growing together.


  • To provide the highest level of wellness training and education to our clients who put their trust in us
  • To empower the lives of our clients by improving their health and helping them cultivate a sustainable lifestyle
  • To constantly grow our knowledge by staying humble and learning from the best educators from all over the world

Core values

  • Diligence and humility in learning
  • Positivity in attitude
  • Integrity in teaching
  • Consistency in quality
  • Influential in living

Origins of our name

If you haven’t noticed the similarities between the airplane and the human body, Keith Tan would have you think again. For Keith, the founder of Aileron Wellness and a fitness enthusiast, the parallels of the two entities are aplenty, so with this belief and a soaring passion to help others lead better lives, he established Singapore’s leading boutique gym with the name “aileron”, a humble component in the majestic airplane that’s one of the greatest inventions of our time.

If the body of the aircraft represents the bare human anatomy, the tail that keeps it stable is like our assets and talent that move us through space and time. The wings generate the lift off the ground and are likened to our career, dreams and all that we do to bring ourselves higher towards a meaningful life.

But what the eye does not see is the humble “aileron” built within the wings of the plane. French for “little wing”, the aileron is a small component but nevertheless crucial to the movement of the plane – it is to an airplane what health and fitness are to our lives; we do not actually see it, but they affect and control our lives greatly.

In the same spirit, our motto, “Fitness Takes Flight” is an extrapolation of the metaphor. Armed with a sincere interest to help our clients develop a lifestyle that benefits their overall well-being, our client education programmes range from motion to nutrition, mental to environmental. With our clients’ “wings and tails” restored, life feels lighter and happier.