Group Fitness Classes

Our Group Fitness Classes are not only fun and effective, they are also great complementary sessions to our Personal Trainings.

Below are the descriptions of our fitness classes :

  • Animal Flow fuses quadrupedal and ground-based movement with that of other bodyweight movement disciplines, resulting in your body performing them fluidly. The movement done will be multi-planar in order to engage your body, moving your joints through their full range of motion in order to strengthen your body as a whole.
  • Movement Hunt is a fitness method that aims to equip individuals with a physical competency for the real world. Through the use of locomotive, manipulative and strength movement skills, Movement Hunt’s goal is to allow one to move with their minds and think with their bodies to “hunt” for their best version of themselves.
  • Movement Play for Kids involves the fundamental locomotion such as jump, throw, hop that is essential for kids to acquire and develop properly as they get older.
  • HIIT is a cardio and strength based workout that gets your heart rate pumping! Burn up to 600-800 calories in this class alone.
  • Interval training is for those who are looking to ease into higher intensity work. With a protocol of high-low intensity, you will develop good baseline aerobic and strength work to bring you into greater heights.
  • Vent your frustration and let your stress out in our Kickboxing class. This high energy class gets you punching and kicking your fats away while learning the important skills of kickboxing.
  • Pilates is a controlled and mind-body focused modality of training that gets you moving the way your body should move. Build up a good core strength and work the muscles in isolation to get you stronger.
  • It’s never too late to get strong. In our Forever Strong class, you will get toned and stronger by doing the basic lifts as well as in multi-directional movements. This class is capped to a maximum of 6 people as we want the best coaching you can get.


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