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Brain-Move Cephalic Reset Phase Course – Singapore

October 20, 2017 @ 9:00 am - October 21, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

nd poverty

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Educate . Test . Reset . Activate
Join this cutting-edge course to take your integrated movement knowledge to the next level.
For Movement Therapists; Yoga/Pilates Teacher and Practititioners; Performance Coaches and PT’s.
“Stephen and his amazing knowledge opened my eyes to not only a completely new way to help others, but also to change my own life. The exercises offered are so simple yet so effective at eliciting change in the mind & body. It’s such a liberating thing when you can attend a course like this and walk away with the confidence to truly have an impact on the lives of others.”
– Dr. Ryan Foley, PT, DPT
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The Brain-Move Cephalic Reset Phase takes a physical look at the science of the different brain hemispheres and looks to analyse an individual’s areas of dominance and weakness. You will learn to:
1. Identify the individual brain profiles disconnections based upon the Brain-Move Brain model.
2. Clearly, quickly and easily test the Brain-Move Brain model for disconnections.
3. Use Brain-Move reset tools to integrate and rebalance the Brain-Mind-Body.
This Brain-Move phase looks specifically at:
• The evolution of the Cephalic Brain in relation to its needs and wants.
• The Brain-Move Brain Cephalic model in both theory and integration.
• The Brain-Move testing procedure for the Cephalic Brain-Move Brain model.
• The Brain-Move resets for the disconcerted Cephalic Brain-Move Brain model.
How the power of applied brain-mind-body science can dramatically improve learning, movement and reduce pain; all in a matter of moments.
Brain-Move is a movement and education method, developed by movement expert, Stephen Braybrook. This fascinating method takes a journey through:
1) Brain and mind science theory – including scientific theory, principles of evolutionary and developmental neuroscience, biology, psychology, kinesiology and quantum physics.
2) Testing – the first element of the practical application teaches you how to test the different brains and minds, to discover what may be holding you/your clients back.
3) Resets – the second element of the practical application shows you how to easily, quickly and effortlessly create more freedom within the Brain-Mind-Body, to reset and balance the results found in the testing phase.
Overall, this provides an integrated and cutting-edge approach to educate, test and reset. Ultimately, the aim of Brain-Move is to elicit safety in the Brain-Mind-Body and once this state is achieved, this modality is incredibly effective and FAST at bringing back balance in the body, getting people out of pain and encouraging optimisation of movement and function.
Beneficial outcomes of Brain-Move as a practice and/or treatment modality include:
Physical –
* Increased flexibility and range of motion
* Increased strength and power
* Reduced pain and discomfort
* Increased coordination and awareness
* Increased balance
Cognition –
* Increased concentration
* Increased focus
* Increased emotional skills
* Increased learning and skill ability and retention
* Increased motivation
General Admission – US$500 (price from 1st Oct 2017)
Early-Bird – US$480 (31st Jul – 30th Sept 2017)*
*Click the link above to get your space now for the special Early-Bird rate.
“A long-term plateau in strength and post-activation potentiation speed was surpassed with the techniques used with an athlete. On top of that, a patient with TMJ pain finally got a modicum of relief after using techniques for the past 48 hours, after years of no progress.”
– Dr. Paul Cialone, MD
“I wanted to share an amazing experience I had today after incorporating some of the integrating exercises we learned. I have a patient who had a stroke with left sided neglect. They are now extremely impulsive and was demonstrates 30-40% return to their left leg. They could actively advance their left leg during ambulation (Mod-Max A on Friday) and slowdown to improve standing and walking balance with CGA. Amazing things happening!!! Thank you for allowing me to help change my patients lives for the better!!”
– Dr. Makenzie Williams, PT, DPT
“In my own practice, clients have been reaping the benefits using Stephen’s approach. They walk away with not only improvements in pain and performance, but also with a new set of lenses to view their bodies and the world. That’s the truly rewarding aspect. I don’t think any other course will be able to match Brain-Move with the tools I’ve been given.”
– Dr. Ryan Foley, PT, DPT
“We have a patient who was suffering from a stroke and was experiencing severe double vision for months, they were unable to read, watch tv, knit etc. all the things they enjoyed. After reintegrating their senses with the techniques, we were taught in the brain-move course, they were about to read later that night for the first time since before the stroke. Today they reported no more double vision! Restoring patients’ quality of life as well as their mobility.
– Dr. Allison Smith, PT, DPT
“I’ve been using the Brain Move techniques I learned from Stephen for the past few weeks at the Outpatient PT clinic I work at and wanted to share my results. I’ve recently been working with a lot of patients who are sub-post rotator cuff repair. Two patients have almost doubled their passive range of motion after just one session using the Brain Move technique. It was awesome to see their faces light up when I told them how much further they could go!”
– Dr. Allison Smith, PT, DPT
“I had two women in one of my classes this morning, one of which started the visit off thinking personal training is too expensive. 5 minutes with me 1-1 and she leaves with one of my business cards for her AND her boyfriend to come and work with me. All thanks to Stephen Braybrook and his training last weekend, thank you my friend.”
– Ben Stewart, Health and Transformation Coach

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