Education Videos

Learn from the fitness professionals at Aileron Wellness through our YouTube channel, which houses videos with self-care techniques you can try at home or at your gym.


Mobilisers are simple movements that create extensibility (flexibility) in your muscles Our largely sedentary lives causes our muscles to remain at one position for a long time, resulting in stiffness. Mobilisers help to restore the movement we are naturally made to perform and to move freely.

Neck – Having a stiff neck after working at the computer for long hours? This mobility exercise can help you to reduce the tension in your neck region.

Shoulder – If you play tennis, badminton, squash or bowling, this video shows a good alternative to warming up your shoulders for your games! Give it a try and feel the improvement of your performance.

Spine – Try this to alleviate stiff back or tightness in the lower back.

Full body stretch – If you’re feeling stiff all over, this stretch will release all tension and make you feel liberated.

Ankle – Improve your walking gait with this mobiliser that leverages on the power of the Power Plate.

Pain-Free Series

In this series of videos, we impart techniques to those who consistently experience pain in different parts of the body. Try them and feel the difference that is bound to improve the quality of your life.

Knee (tibialis anterior release) – Optimise the function of the tibialis anterior, a muscle group in the lower leg) to help optimise the ankle and therefore knee function. By enabling the ankle, you’ll find function restored to the knee.

Knee (posterior hip mobiliser) – Reduce hip dysfunction by enhancing the hip’s ability to load 3D into the power house that moves us – the posterior!

Knee (ankle T mobiliser) – Enabling the ankle contributes to the movement of the knee! The ankle wears the cap called tibial bone, which is led along when the sagittal, frontal and transverse plane happen at the foot and ankle complex. This movement of tibial will definitely affect the knee.

Foot and ankle (plantar fascia release) – Release your plantar fascia, a thick connective tissue at the bottom of your foot which supports the arch, to reduce heel pain via removing adhesion and re-hydrating the tissue.

Elbow (forearm extensor pin and stretch) – Alleviate tennis elbow pain by reducing the tension in the forearm extensor group. Utilise this extensor pin and stretch technique to free yourself from elbow pain!

Neck (SCM stretch) – Stretching the SCM, the muscle which pulls the head into forward head bend position, helps to alleviate chronic neck issues.

Neck (C Spine Transverse Mobiliser) – Mobilise your neck through moving your shoulders instead of the head to see greater relief and improvement in mobility.

Shoulders Part 1 (chest pin and stretch) – Those experiencing a shoulder injury, the chest is most often overactive in helping to stabilise the shoulder girdle.

Shoulders Part 2 (rhomboid pin and stretch) – After you’ve gone through the chest pin and stretch (see “Shoulders Part 1” above), perform the rhomboid pin and stretch to hydrate the soft tissue in the back while reducing the spasming to enable more shoulder mobility!

Hip (anterior hip mobiliser) – Reduce hip pain and restore functionality of the hip by creating extensibility (flexibility) in the anterior hip.

Use of wellness tools:

Kinesio Tape (upper trapezius) – In this video, we demonstrate use of the tape on the Upper Trapezius Inhibition Technique to relieve acute shoulders discomfort!

Kinesio Tape (lumbar star) – This video brings you the Lumbar Star Space Correction Technique to relieve acute lower back pain!

Not all exercise programmes are suitable for everyone. When in doubt, check with your doctor or email us before performing the exercise programmes to avoid/reduce the risk of injury. Aileron Wellness will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using any fitness programme shared and/or discussed on the website, via email correspondences or in videos.