How practising pilates can complement your workout

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By Sufian Yusof  | Fitness | The Aileron Wellness Academy Series | 15 May 2018

Pilates has been around since the 1920s but only recently in the past decade has it been gaining steam and becoming popular among the masses.

Its soft impact and slow nature gathers a huge female following but recently many males are picking it up as well. Even football superstar Ronaldo has been seen doing pilates. But how can Pilates complement your current training workout?

Pilates was formed on the basis of persevering movement quality without the detrimental effects that typical weight lifting might have such as joint pains.

Due to the nature of its slow movements. Students will have body awareness and a mind body connection when doing the pilates exercises. Typically because of this, mobility, flexibility and control will improve tremendously and has a carry-over effect to other forms of exercises.

Benefits of incorporating pilates into your exercise regime:

  • Flexibility and mobility of getting a better range of motion (ROM). Having a better ROM means that you can get the full eccentric work done of your resistance training.
  • Breathing. Yes, breathing. We all forget how to breathe sometimes, using pilates is a good way to get a full diaphragmatic breathing which not only improves your IAP (intra-abdominal pressure) for your heavy lifts but can also aid in recovery by down regulating the nervous system.
  • De-load. In every exercise program, de-loading is important to avoid overtraining. I know most of us hate the idea of bringing down the intensity of our workout program but using Pilates to de-load means that not only are we working on injury prevention we are also allowing a better control of movement typically not seen when we are doing weights sometimes.

So there you go. Three reasons why I believe Pilates would be a good way to complement your current training regime. It is something worth considering if we can to have longevity in our training program.


Sufian is a Fitness Professional & a Human Performance Specialist with Aileron Wellness. He is also an Educator with Aileron Wellness Academy.