Get closer to your fitness goal with these 3 simple tips.

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We have all heard how success is built on habits. From Greek philosophers to modern day successful people, they all talked about forming habits and a resilient attitude to achieve whatever goals we want. The same can be applied to our fitness journey. How many of us started on a new diet, a new fitness regime only to fall out of it just days or weeks later? I have. Now forming habits are hard, but there are ways you can “trick” your brain to continue your change in habits for the better and make it stick. Read on to find out more:

#1 – Have cues to remind you of your new habits. Let’s say you want to start eating more vegetables because you haven’t been getting enough fibers. What you can do is to place vegetables at places where you usually have your routine set it. For example, if you like to open your freezer to get that tub of ice cream, have frozen vegetables placed there as well. Sure you might say that making a choice between ice cream and vegetables is easy because most often than not if you cave into the reward system of the brain, you will get the ice cream anyways. But the point here is to increase the visual cue and set a reminder of the initial goal you set yourself for. When you repeatedly see the frozen vegetable, you will be reminded of the goal you wanted to achieve. The desire to change will eventually get you to eat the vegetables.

#2 – Practice the art of showing up. Continuing from the last statement of #1, the desire to change has to be stronger than the desire to remain the same. We get comfortable in our bubble and any changes are always scary. But like all habits, it is about making that first step. Have micro goals to set the wheels in motion. Let me give you an example, let’s say you tell yourself you want to start running. Don’t think about doing a 30 minutes run, 30 minutes for someone who doesn’t run often seems like a big commitment to do. Heck, don’t even think about 15 minutes, because even then it can seem big. Think micro, and how I usually cue people is to do the first simplest step, putting on your running shoes. The simple act of putting on your running shoes no matter how small that action may be will set the wheels in motion. How long you run after that is a bonus. It can work in many other scenarios as well. If you find yourself getting lazy to do a workout after work, put on your workout shoes or change into your workout gear in the office 10 minutes before your knock-off time. Its all about practicing the art of showing up first.

#3 –  Find the right tribe. Being around people who have the same mindset as you is crucial. If you want your fitness goal to stick its important to have a social support system around you. Find a group of positive people that have the same fitness goal as you. Not only is there no accountability, but the positive mindset will also rub off on you knowing that you’re not in this journey alone.

These are my top 3 tips on how you can start your fitness journey. Habits are hard to form and changes are scary to face but with constant practice and knowing the small little cues to help you, I’m sure you will get to your goal eventually.

Stay strong and positive!
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