The better way on your fitness goal setting.

It’s time of the year when everyone is hyped up with their new year resolution! “I want to get more sales this year!”, “I want to be fit this year!”, “I want […]

THE AILERON STORY – Behind our Rebranding

  We launched Aileron Wellness in 2010 with a simple but powerful vision: To make a positive dent in the industry as Singapore’s most trusted knowledge-driven gym with provision of […]

Do I really need a personal trainer, when I can google everything?

We don’t just “train you” in workouts, just because we have the word “Trainer” in our title. We are here to help you identify and mitigate postural issues, pains, and […]

Setting the right fitness goals that you can achieve this new year.

  2018 is behind us, and now we have 365 days to look forward to — three hundred and sixty-five chances of starting on a clean slate.

How I work with a client with knee pain? Check the hips and knees.

The knee joint is one of those joints where an injury at that site gets really frustrating to get rid off because there is nothing you can do to get […]

Are your hip flexors really tight? Read on for a simple assessment you can do yourself to find out.

With lots of sitting and very little movement nowadays, our body has learnt to adapt to our favoured position thus affecting our posture. The saying that “the next posture is […]

You don’t need to exercise everyday to be healthy.

Training should be hard, the harder we train, the more results we get, right? Not really, according to this recent study. This study attempted to explore that relationship – Divergent Performance […]

Get closer to your fitness goal with these 3 simple tips.

We have all heard how success is built on habits. From Greek philosophers to modern day successful people, they all talked about forming habits and a resilient attitude to achieve […]

A Photo Journal – AWA Team in AFC 2018!

[4th October 2018] – Arrival / Pre-Conference Day  It was a note-worthy moment where the fitness professionals from Aileron Wellness Singapore and Shanghai had a meet up in Bangkok. With our radiant […]

June Holidays Special – Make Family Time Active Time!

It’s the middle of the June holidays and you’re probably running out of things to do with your family. Hopefully you’ve managed to catch the good ones, like the Snoopy […]