Active Performance Series

We are committed to help you build conviction to your health. With our state-of-the-art-facility and professional, knowledge-driven trainers who deliver effective and unconventional programs, you can be assured of results in your guided workouts. Come sweat on our turf – the paragon of quality training.



Aileron Wellness Empowering Program (AWE)

Our best selling program, AWE empowers individuals to greater heights & achieve more through our well crafted training methodologies. We inspire good habits & instil knowledge that will positively influence change in you & amongst your loved ones. Start getting more out of your lifestyle actively by taking actions. In AWE of the new change, be your real self.

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AWE enhanced

Sportsmen & athletes, aspiring or professional, will get the best out of our active performance series. We emphasise on precision in performance that delivers significant change in your Game. We bring success not only in your game, your worklife & day to day. Excel from many aspects once you are biomechanically sound.

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Aileron Functional Rehabilitation (AFR)aps_afr_front

Do you sometimes move with pain, soreness or inefficiency? Regardless of your level of activity, moving with pain can greatly reduce your quality of life. Improve your movement literacy with this movement re-education program. Learn to move better, reduce your injury risk & reach your optimal level of performance.

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Aileron Hypertrophy Program (AHP)

For anyone who is looking to pack some serious mass, look no further than our AHP. Gain lean muscle mass through this evidence-based program. Integrating the latest reserach & coupled with our years of experience, this high-adherence program provides a customised, all-round solution to maximise your muscle potential. To bring out the best in you, we recommend full dedication to the program.

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Aileron Transformation Program (ATP)

If you want to change your body to get fit, to be healthy or simply to look & feel great, then this program is for you. Realise your transformation goals & achieve weight loss through this high- adherence, highly-guided program. To bring out the best in you, we recommend full dedication to the program.

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