Riesal Idries
Manual Therapist
Riesal aspires to bridge the world of fitness and the world of manual therapy. He specialises in myofascial release therapy and soft tissue manipulation. He studies from many great masters such as John Barnes, Thomas Myers, Dr Andreo Spina, Peter Schwind and Hugh Milne. He hopes to integrate various modalities into his practice to ensure that his treatment is effective and beneficial. His passion in learning about the body and different therapy modalities comes from his deep rooted belief that the body should be regarded a whole unit, not a collection of units. Riesal is also a certified NASM personal trainer and a yoga registered teacher. From a competitive dragonboat rower back in university days, he is now an avid practitioner of yoga and taiqigong.
  • Soft tissue (fascia, muscles, nerves, visceral) manipulation
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Reiki (Usui)
Manual Therapy
  • John Barnes' Myofascial Release (MFR)
    • Advanced level practitioner
  • Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains
    • Structural Bodywork
    • Fascial Dissection
  • The Barral Institute’s Visceral Manipulation (VM)
    • VM1: The Abdomen 1
    • VM2: The Abdomen 2
    • VM3: The Pelvis
    • LT1: Listening Technique 1
  • The Barral Institute’s Neural Manipulation (NM)
    • NM1: An Integrative Approach to Trauma
    • NM2: Peripheral Nerve Manipulation: Upper Body
    • NM3: Peripheral Nerve Manipulation: Lower Body
    • NM4: Brain and Cranial Nerve Manipulation NM4
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Level 2
  • Peter Schwind's Fascial and Membrane Technique (FMT)
    • FMTT: Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis
  • Functional Range Release (FR©) techniques
    • Spine, Upper and Lower Limbs
  • Kinesio Taping - Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)
  • The Milne Institute’s Visionary Craniosacral Work
    • C1: The Foundation Cranial Class
    • C2: Coupled Holds, Sacral Work and Unwinding
  • The Upledger Institute’s CranioSacral Therapy (CST)
    • CST1: CranioSacral Therapy 1
  • Neurosomatics Therapy (NST)
    • Somatic 1
    • Neuro 1 and 2
  • Reiki (Usui Method) Level 2
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • SOHA Institute’s Basic Traditional Chinese Massage therapy by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (#130000000485544)
  • Tecnica Gavilan (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation)
  • Certified Personal Trainer by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) (#1460076)
  • Yoga Alliance (USA) Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) (Registry ID: 128658)
  • Completed 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga by Tirisula Yoga (Singapore) (Yoga Vedanta Training Academy)
  • Certified Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 specialist
  • Completion of Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Level 2
  • Certified TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Certified ViPR Trainer
  • Certified Parkour Fitness Specialist by ADAPT (Parkour Generations) (TH-1013-005)
  • Certified Power Plate Level 1 trainer
  • Certified Trigger Point Performance Therapy Ultimate 6 specialist
  • Certified Barefoot Training Specialist by Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA)
  • Completion of Functional Range Conditioning (FRCTM) by Dr. Andreo Spina
  • Trained in Self-Myofascial Release by Equator Adventures
  • Certified First Aid, CPR and AED by American Heart Association
  • Completion of Balanced Body Pilates Matwork
  • Completion of Balanced Body Core Align 1, 2 & 3
  • Completion of GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training Course
  • Completion of Qigong (Yang Sheng Gong) and Taiqi (24-sequence) by Nam Wah Pai
  • Yoga Asana self-practice
  • Taiqi
  • Watching movies
Favourite quote
An effective human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. – Ida P. Rolf
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