On Personal Training
1. Genuine and Proficient
It has been my good fortune to have Andy Neo from Aileron Wellness as my personal trainer and I am extremely pleased with the results. I have found Andy to be a dedicated and reliable professional who is genuinely concerned about the physical well-being of his clients and helping them achieve long term health benefits. Andy possesses a sound understanding of physiology and diet, and espouses a natural approach to health, balancing weight training, cardio and calories intake. In addition, he makes every effort to keep workouts interesting.
Since working with Andy, I have noticed marked physical improvements in my appearance: 10KG of weight loss, lost a few inches off my waistline, gained a stronger abdomen, a larger chest, larger shoulders and an all around improved muscular definition. This has been achieved with a consistent regime of three workouts a week on par with a proper healthy diet. At the age of 39, I very much doubt I could have achieved this on my own without Andy's assistance.
In short, I believe anyone who is serious about improving their physical health can benefit by utilising Andy's knowledge and experience in this area.
Jeremy Low
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2. Progressive and Effective Programmes
Early this year I was introduced to Benson Poh at Aileron Wellness as I was suffering from severe pain in my knee caused by an injury that made it very difficult to carry on with my work, which required lots of travelling and meeting up with people.
Benson put me through a rehabilitation at the gym which involved a progressive programme starting with a movement efficiency assessment to determine the source of the problem. With his diagnosis, which was explained to me in detail, I recovered and am now able to do many of the tasks which I could not do before, a few of them being nature walks and photography which are my interests.
Going through training can be tough at times but it is always with the end in mind that I have disciplined myself to see results. It is about knowledge that is continually imparted to the client, an interest in human physiology that came back to me after years of leaving my textbooks behind.
Benson is a personal trainer like no other that I have worked with; he exudes passion in whatever he gets involved in, he has natural leadership skills and is extremely hardworking. As he works closely with all his clients, he constantly imparts his knowledge in fitness and nutrition to us.
Benson is an excellent role model for the young and not-so-young, and should be given the opportunity to excel in what he loves best. As we see Singapore grow towards a healthier generation, people like him should lead the way for our future Singapore Olympians!
Please give him the opportunity he so deserves.
Veronica Pestana
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3. Committed, Attentive and Patient
I have known Dominic Lim from Aileron Wellness for more than one and a half years now as my Personal Trainer.
Dominic is a young and diligent trainer, he shows a keen interest in his work as well as training others.
Besides tailoring sessions to my personal training needs, Dominic is caring, committed and has been motivating me a lot in my well-being. He has special skills and techniques in training people like me who are above 58 years old with many health issues such as shoulder, knee and neck pains and also poor motor co-ordination.
He pays attention to details, plans and designs exercises to fit individual needs and at the same time meet the clients' objectives. Many times I could not do certain basic exercises such as lunges or sitting with both legs crossed, but Dominic will encourage me and teach me other forms of postures, exercises that my body is able to do, and slowly, I progress to different stages and finally I am able to do proper lunges etc.
He is a responsible young man who exercises lots of patience with his clients. Dominic recognizes the importance to gain more knowledge, skills and techniques so as to further benefit his clients' fitness levels and well-being. Hence he will set time aside to pursue and attend classes, courses conducted locally and overseas to upgrade himself.
Dominic went an extra mile to read up and explore the right type of exercises to strengthen the right muscles of the shoulder after my surgery. He even took time off to accompany me to see a specialist physiotherapist to understand in depth how to help me to recover my strength and range of movement of my shoulder post-surgery.
Besides performing his role as a personal trainer, Dominic willingly and professionally assisted me to relieve pain on my right shoulder and neck by applying Trigger Point Compression Techniques, using the Power Plate to massage those very tensed-up muscles around my shoulder and back. All these have greatly helped me to manage my pain for the last six months.
He has been sharing with and learning from his team of dynamic and professional Master Trainers at Aileron Wellness at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Sentosa.
Over the last 8 months, Dominic has demonstrated great improvements and he uses creative yet effective training techniques to further maximise his clients' potentials to excel to higher levels of fitness and agility.
Ms Dorothy Chia
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4. Friendly, Professional Trainer, Goal-driven Programmes
I got to know Aileron Wellness from a friend. After the first session I found that the trainer and the training conducted were both professional and interesting. I have been taking up personal training with my personal trainer Dominic Lim since July 2013 and I have found him to be a dedicated and patient trainer. Every training session is well planned and holistic in nature making sure that all parts of my physique are exercised.
Due to my nature of work with long hours of standing and also working on the computer, I had developed a bad posture. With flexibility and strength training, Dominic helped me to improve my posture. My trainer worked very hard with me using a variety of strength and muscle building exercise regimes, helping me to improve my endurance, balance, physique and muscle tone. My level of fitness has improved dramatically over the past 6 months and more importantly, overall, I feel much healthier and physically fit. Since I started training with Dominic, my energy levels have also increased significantly.
Dominic is a great trainer; he tailors the exercises to meet my particular needs. Over the past 6 months, consistently, I had positive experiences with Dominic. He keeps me motivated to continue my workouts and is always happy to answer any questions and to provide suggestions to improve my training. He is great at knowing what I can and cannot do.
Over this time, his clever combinations of stretching exercises and training has improved my posture, joint mobility and flexibility plus he succeeded in activating my under-utilised muscles.
Dominic's greatest strength and beauty is in his ability to build a rapport with his clients, and he makes a concerted effort to make his clients feel at ease so that training is an enjoyable experience to look forward to. Our strong client-trainer relationship makes me enjoy going to the gym. He demonstrated a great deal of professionalism throughout our training sessions together. He is always attentive during the sessions and ensured that each session remains fresh and engaging.
I greatly appreciate his work and strongly recommend Dominic as a personal fitness trainer with full confidence.
Ms Susie Goh
Director, Healthcare Organization
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5. Knowledgeable Trainer, Effective Training with a Difference!
I have been training seriously in the gym with a PT for many years; and training with Yingbin of Aileron Wellness for almost 3 years, and 5 times a week – weight training, Pilates, functional training and running.
He introduced me to Pilates which helps tremendously in facilitating my other training as I became more aware of using my core muscles. And surprisingly, it helps me de-stress too. And he also eased me into functional training which, believe me, was tough yet enjoyable and beneficial.
What really impresses me is that Yingbin has an understanding of the muscles of our body and their function far better than me; I feel safe training with him. Any pain and aches from training are immediately addressed through proper explanation and the programme is modified to help recovery and minimize dysfunction.
Above all, Yingbin is a perfectionist but then again I can't settle for anything less when it concerns my fitness and health.
Dr Cheong Wai Kwong
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6. Helping Me Push Limits, Do Better, Feel Younger
As experienced by Ms Sharon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH1TfyBYRHA
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7. Honestly Customised Programmes, Motivating Trainer
As experienced by Ms Bernice Quay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXN7X2OMOJM
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8. Impressed By Dedication: Trainer Being With Me All The Way
As experienced by Darryl Lee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M9jEENv8RE
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On Train-the-trainer Courses
9. Wide Perspectives of Knowledge, Inspiring Trainer
As experienced by Fitness Coach Kareen Lai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OmsXrL0A9Q
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On Corporate Wellness and Teambuilding Programmes
10. Corporate Teambuilding With A Twist… And Punch!
We would like to thank Aileron Wellness for coming up with a meaningful session for Advisors Alliance in August 2014.
The team bonding-cum-wellness programme was put together nicely through a series of well-thought out activities. It started off with a high-intensity, high-impact Fight Club session, a blend of kick boxing and muay thai. This session focused on teambuilding as well as helped the participants relieve stress through moves like boxing, ducking and kicking. Because the trainers are versatile, well-trained and knowledgeable, all of us were able to master the steps that we were taught and did them in a synchronised manner. The atmosphere was high, everyone was charged up despite already sweating buckets. It was not all workouts as there were mini competitions amongst teams and the laughter element was expressed as this was the first time most of the participants experienced kickboxing. There were in total 40 of us and the facility accommodated us well with room to spare.
Next up was the Yoga session where we calmed the nerves, get the muscles to stretch and focused on improving the spiritual state of mind as well as body and tone. It gave some of the participants new insights to themselves as they did not believe they could do some of the yoga poses, especially the men in the team. It is actually equivalent to setting new goals, accepting the challenges and achieving them. Yoga teacher Sylvia was patient and other trainers were around to help correct the postures and ensure that everyone was well.
It was an interactive and fun-filled day, and it definitely brought keeping fit to a whole new level! Thanks #teamaileron! :)
Advisors Alliance (Great Eastern)
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11. Bonding the Team with Fun and Creativity
It certainly needs magic to turn pressure of a typical work day into full pleasure. If that puzzles you, ask Keith, managing director of Aileron Wellness.
In our first meeting, like a breeze, Keith effortlessly whipped up creative ideas to make our staff outing filled with teambuilding activities. True to his word, on the day itself, we were laughing as never before, enjoying every minute of it, regardless of age and nationality.
Bringing outdoor activities indoor, yet not miss the nature - this impossibility is made possible. The secret lies in Aileron Wellness' spacious studios, which have ceiling-to-floor glass walls – the only thing separating one from the sprawling green, forest, sea and ships right outside the studio.
Keith's team members, like him, are cheerful, friendly, attentive, flexible and quick to modify exercises and games to suit everyone. The experience was totally refreshing and uplifting. And that will stay a long time in our memories.
Goethe Institut
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